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Volume 13, Special Edition (Summer 2018)


A Rot in Heaven: A Powerful Investigative Partnership, the Opioid Crisis, Pill Profits, and a Pulitzer Prize
Becky L. Jacobs


Healing Appalachia: Keynote Discussion
Eric Eyre, Patrick C. McGinley, and Becky L. Jacobs,

The Opioid Epidemic: Regulation, Responsibility, and Remedies
Tricia Herzfeld, Gerard Stranch, and Zack Buck

Responding to the Impacts of the Opioid Epidemic on Families
Wendy Bach, Suzanne Weise, and Barry Staubus


Defining the Role of Clinical Law Students, Medical-Legal Partnerships, and Pro Bono Lawyers
Suzanne Weise

Big Pharma, Prescription Opioids, and the DEA
Patrick C. McGinley


Cited in The Intercept and Nashville Scene

Tennessee’s Death Penalty Lottery by Bradley A. MacLean and H. E. Miller, Jr. (published in Volume 13, Issue 1, Summer 2018) was recently cited in The Intercept and Nashville Scene. The Intercept is a National Magazine Award-winning online news publication. Nashville Scene is a weekly newspaper, published online and in print.